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The Herb it Forward Scholarship

The Herb it Forward Scholarship provides financial assistance to further the education of students who are hardworking, motivated and driven to make a difference for their communities, our country, and future generations. The scholarship fund was founded in 2014 to honor the memory of Herb Lotman and his commitment to giving back and helping others.

Herb it Forward Leadership Camp 

The HIF Leadership Camp is open to all HIF Scholars. Scholars spend a weekend learning from experts in a number of topics including finance, body language, self-defense, mediation. This weekend also gives scholars an opportunity to meet one another and build lasting connections with like-minded students.

Herb it Forward Send-Off Dinners

HIFF brings all the students in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas together for an end of summer send-off dinner where students have the opportunity to speak about what their plans are for the upcoming school year, exciting accomplishments from, the summer, and share experiences with one another.

 The I Help Educate Platform

I Help Educate is an online fundraising platform that provides Herb it Forward Scholarship awardees an opportunity to raise additional support for their college graduation through their networks and additional exposure to I Help Educate donors. Visit the I Help Educate website.
*I Help Educate is not funded by HIFF.