Our Inspiration

HIFF honors the memory of Herb Lotman whose love of people, legacy of giving back, and passion for mentoring continue to live on in all that we do.


HIFF is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to supporting students where it counts. We believe that academic funding partnered with emotional support creates the foundation for lifelong success.

Recipients of our “Herb it Forward” Scholarship Program come together to comprise our HIFF student community. The HIF scholarship is given to students who are hardworking, motivated, and driven to make a difference in their communities.

We are committed to maintaining a community of support for HIF scholars through their academic careers and beyond. HIFF facilitates funded activities that keep students engaged through educational speakers, character-building exercises, camps, send-offs, and most importantly the opportunity to build lasting relationships with like-minded students. HIFF is weaving together a community that the students feel connected to, can count on, and in which they will continue to pay it forward.

Key Areas of Support

Scholarships, workshops, educational crowdfunding, and supporting individuals with their community service initiatives.

Herb Lotman